Working together to create solutions

Do you know the feeling: you are annoyed about something or wish you something, but do not know how to take action? Our personal concern is to create an opportunity for all of us, with whom we can design solutions independently!

“I’m excited about the idea of a networked platform that brings together people who have issues that they want to be solved and people who want -and can -provide specific solutions.”


Kirsten Kohlhaw, startup coach and mentor at the component portal of Prof. Günter Faltin.

“The concept makes perfect sense. The sonapse guys hit the nerve of time with their concept. Top!”


Michael Leibrecht. Entrepreneur and crowdfunding consultant.

“What’s in for you?”

Benefits for you as part of the community

  • Need for a solution is made visible

  • Problem solvers apply

  • The solution can actively be shaped – all become part of the solution

  • Self-determined, tailor-made problem solving

  • The full amount of the invest back (community gets, as agreed with solver, product / voucher / profit sharing, etc. first) In the club example of the video: Peter invests  50 € into the solution pool – also gets coupon over 50 € back. If no deal is made, no money is transferred.

Advantages for you as a problem solver

  • Active removal of a relevant problem

  • Exchange with the community – co-creation of the solution
    (no development past the customer)

  • First customer base from the community

  • Start-up capital generated by the community

  • Visible demand facilitates access to further capital if needed

We need your feedback to improve our performance!

We need your feedback to improve our performance!

Further suggestions and examples can be found on our ideas page.

The greatest honor for us is, of course, if you share the page with your friends. So we can also
take their opinion into account and build a platform that you like!

The newsletter

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We also need your advice on how to proceed with sonapse! Please write your advice in the feedback box. Best together with your  thoughts on the concept. What should we keep, what should we change so you feel like using the sonapse platform?
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We have another question for you!

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We are Martin, Max and Matthias, friends for more than ten years and brought to life sonapse at the end of 2017. You can find out more about us at the following link.